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One of our specialties is special machines and automation equipment. We integrate top quality industry recognized brands to design and build, simple to use, and robust to last, machines.

Top Assemble of Pouch Loader

This table top machine for a medical diagnostics company loads a pouch, inserts a glass slide, inserts a desiccant, and then off loads down a chute. We used a vacuum open and pick & place for the pouch, gripped, moved to the slide insertion station, which used a servo motor driven up stacker to position the slides to be sliced off, then moved to the desiccant station that feed a pack into the pouch, then rotated the pouch to off load.

Automated Part Feeding Machine

This machine was designed to feed parts down an inline track, shuttle over, push into rotating nest, rotate, and then push into the drilling machine nest where it would be drilled and offloaded.

Bolt Loader

This machine was designed and built to feed bolts of various sizes and lengths to an induction heater, heat, then transfer to a thread roller, then off loaded. The design included the feature to swing the tooling assemble away from the top of the thread roller so that the operator can change out the rolling dies.



This table top machine is hand loaded with threaded inserts into a 10-up nest, then automatically advances forward and crimps the insert to an exact dimension. We programmed the machine to be able to do three different sizes and to change the crimp dimension.

Helicoil Inserting Machine

This machine was designed and built to manually load a part, check, install a Helicoil, inspect the insertion depth, break off the tang and inspect the tang removal, then off load.

Medical Assembly Machine (Work Cell)

This table top machine was built to assemble two parts using two clips. The operator loads all parts manually, presses the buttons, and the machine then presses the parts together, then press the clips on from below.

Feed and Die Cut Machine

This table top machine feeds material on a roll thru a rotary die, that die cuts the material, and pulls it over a peeler bar to separate the Place Card from the backing material. The backing material is then rewound on to a take up spool.

Mold Heating Machine

This machine was designed and built to heat 8 mold bases, and position them under a dispensing machine. The mold bases are heated individually and can hold different size molds. Once the dispense is done, indexed to the offload position, a lifter is raised to help release the part from the mold.

8-Up Loading Machine

This machine was designed and built to feed threaded inserts and load them into a molding machine. We used a four-lane feeder system, shuttling four at a time into an 8-up nest, then a pick and place using a rotary actuator, picked and rotated 90 degrees, and loaded into the molding dies.