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We have built a large number of pick and place assemblies and loaders for our customers. We integrate top quality components and work with you to design and build the best assembly for your needs. Whether your product requires presenting it to a dispensing machine, or loading onto a second operation lathe, molding machine, or a new assembly machine, we have the experience to automate your process.

Vacuum Pick & Place

This vacuum pick & place picks up 96 parts and places them into a plastic container using a mechanical advantage. The parts are pressed into the bottom.

Lathe Loader

We built an assembly that attached to a second operation lathe that loaded bone screws to the lathe. Parts feed down a tube into the pick and place, grip a screw, then places it into the lathe collet.

Core Pick & Place


This assembly is hand loaded, gravity fed to a gripper assembly, then pick and placed into a second operation lathe.

Insert Pick & Place

This assembly has parts feeding down an inline track to a dead nest. The part is raised with a locating pin, then the gripper assembly grabs the part and places it onto the customers machine.